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Apps that protect your digital rights

Blockstack ID provides user-controlled login and storage that enable you to take back control of your identity and data. Creating a Blockstack ID is easy, free, and secure.

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Bitcoin-based Patreon alternative

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Decentralized password manager for teams

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Create documents and share files

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Private alternative to Google Forms

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Local Lightning

Buy and sell Bitcoin locally via the Lightning Network

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Automated referencing software

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Note Riot

Private and secure note keeping tool

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Open-source photo vault app

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Scan your documents and keep them secure forever

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Decentralized & open source blog maker

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Xor Drive

Encrypted, decentralized file manager

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An online identity you control

With the old internet, big companies control your login.

With Blockstack, you own your login. Under the hood, Blockstack uses blockchain to keep everything secure and private. We lock and encrypt your data with a secret key—you, and only you, have this key.

True data ownership

With the old internet, big companies own your data.

With Blockstack, relax knowing your data is 100% your property. No terms. No conditions. No platform lock-in. All your photos, messages, health records, you name it—are stored stored in a private data locker that’s encrypted by default.

Share, move, and connect data between apps

With the old internet, each platform was a data island.

With Blockstack, you own the data, so you decide how data is used between apps. Simply give access to a new, or better, Blockstack app and your data will auto-magically be there.

Coming soon 2019

Take back your digital rights

Say goodbye to: Data breaches and leaks, internet companies selling your data, AI manipulating your social feeds, and ad targeting following you around.

Blockstack Browser

The Blockstack Browser allows you to create and manage Blockstack IDs and explore decentralized apps.

Running a full node

Developers can also run a full node by following instructions on GitHub.