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Hello, Blockstack
const App = props => { const session = new UserSession(); const isUserSignedIn = session.isUserSignedIn(); const isSignInPending = session.isSignInPending(); useEffect(async () => { if (!isUserSignedIn && isSignInPending) { const { username } = await session.handlePendingSignIn(); if (!username) { throw new Error("This app requires a username."); } window.location = "/kingdom/" + username; } }, [isUserSignedIn, isSignInPending]); return ( <main role="main"> {isUserSignedIn ? <SignedIn /> : <Landing />} </main> ); };

Blockstack is a decentralized computing network and app ecosystem that puts users in control of their identity and data.

100 teams

have built production apps on our infrastructure the past five months.

3,000 developers

have attended our global hackathons and meetups in the past two months.


Everything you need, from authentication to data storage, ready and in production.

We abstract the blockchain complexity so you can focus on building great apps.

Our design principles

  • Keep auth and smart contracts on-chain

  • Keep application user data off-chain

  • Access everything with an easy JavaScript API

Developer tools

Comprehensive programming libraries are available for a wide range of environments such as web, iOS, and Android. Our libraries are designed to require no additional language or protocol knowledge — any Javascript developer can build a Blockstack app in one hour.

A list of our various developer libraries: blockstack.js, blockstack-ios, blockstack-android, blockstack-react-native.
A card showing name registrations on the Blockstack network.

Stacks blockchain

Designed with security, scalability, and speed in mind. We use tunable proof-of-work to allow developers to strike the right balance between speed and reliability. For app builders, we abstract all blockchain complexity into simple Javascript APIs.


Easily include user registration and authentication with Blockstack IDs. Profile security is enforced by the Stacks Blockchain and Blockstack Naming Service (BNS), leaving credentials and identity management in user’s hands.

Sign In

“Stealthy” ( wants to read your basic info and publish data stored for this app.

Select an ID to use:

An example of a user avatar on Blockstack.
An example of a user avatar on Blockstack.An example of a user avatar on Blockstack.
An example of how data is stored within the users own data locker.

Data storage

Users assume responsibility of their data — it’s stored in a location of their choice and not on your servers. As a developer, you do not need to pay for database maintenance costs, so you can focus on what you do best: improving the functionality of your app.

Clarity Smart contracts

Clarity is a decidable, interpreted smart contract language that optimizes for predictability and security. It empowers you to be certain of how your code behaves prior to pushing it into production, so you don’t have to worry about security issues, side effects, or unexpected fees.

Graphic for Blockstack smart contracts.

Blockstack is better for app builders


Blockstack provides authentication that is created and managed independently from your app; completely avoid liability for user identity and activity.

Data storage

Blockstack provides flexible, free, encrypted storage for each user. Never mess with servers, scaling costs, or personal data liability again.

App funding

Get paid the month you launch with App Mining. Bootstrap your app development without compromising your users digital rights.


Reach new users who are seeking privacy and data ownership — and are abandoning platforms such as Facebook and Google.


Join thousands of open-source developers and app builders dedicated to building a better, decentralized internet.

Blockstack is better for your users

User-owned identity

With the old internet, big companies own your login. With Blockstack, you own your login. Under the hood, Blockstack uses blockchain to keep everything secure and private.

True data ownership

With the old internet, big companies own your data. With Blockstack, relax knowing your data is 100% private, and only you can grant access to apps or other users. Never worry about privacy breaches again.

One ID, 100s of apps

Discover a universe of new apps where your digital rights are respected. Share, swap, and connect data between apps however you want.

Attend summits, hackathons, and workshops

We host over 100 global events with 10,000+ developers, scientists and entrepreneurs each year.

Ready to start building on Blockstack?