Blockstack Roadmap


  • Muneeb Ali and Ryan Shea met at Princeton University’s Computer Science department in 2013 and decided to start a long journey of solving critical problems of today’s internet.
  • Went through Y Combinator in summer 2014, and raised a round of seed investment led by Union Square Ventures, with participation from Naval Ravikant, SV Angels, and others.
  • Launched a decentralized identity system, one of the first non-financial applications utilizing blockchain technology that allowed users to own an identity without any trusted third party.


  • Released initial design of Blockstack and R&D work began on scalable blockchains, peer-to-peer systems, and potential solutions for long-term storage.
  • Launched the Blockchain Naming Service (BNS), introduced blockchain virtualization tech, and scaled the team to 4 core contributors.
  • Released three peer-reviewed papers being accepted and published by venues like USENIX, The Advanced Computing Systems Association.
  • Started meetups for Blockstack’s technology in various cities around the world and the developer community grew to over 1000.

2017 Q1

  • R&D work on the core infrastructure finished and Blockstack raised a $4 million Series A funding round led by USV, with participation from Lux Capital, Digital Currency Group and others to fuel growth of the developer ecosystem.

2017 Q2

  • Released the first version of Blockstack Authentication, which allows users to sign in to decentralized applications with one click.
  • Publicly published the Blockstack Whitepaper.
  • Released the alpha developer platform, including a developer release of the Blockstack Browser and decentralized storage system.

2017 Q3

  • Held the Blockstack Summit at the Computer Science Museum in Mountain View.
  • Announced the Stacks Token and Mining System.
  • Launched the Signature Fund for decentralized applications built on Blockstack. Received 150+ submissions in the first week.
  • Converted Blockstack Inc to Blockstack Public Beneficiary Corp (PBC) with a mission to enable an open, decentralized internet.
  • Launched the Signature Bounty Program with the Encrypted Token Portfolio Bounty.

2017 Q4

  • Released the Token Whitepaper and token sale details.
  • Released the Public Alpha of the Blockstack Browser.
  • Conducted a token sale which resulted in ~$50 million total raised, and over 800 accredited investors, qualified purchasers, and institutions participating.
  • Announced a $50,000 bounty to Decentralize Communication.

2018 Q1

  • Released Multiplayer Storage, a major upgrade to the Gaia storage network.
  • Held Blockstack Berlin, with Edward Snowden as the keynote speaker.

2018 Q2

  • Released the Stacks blockchain testnet.
  • Announced the $50,000 Universal Wallet Bounty in partnership with ShapeShift.
  • Launched, the Universal Store for decentralized applications
  • Released the developer Alpha of Blockstack iOS and Android SDKs.
  • Released a new mobile-friendly onboarding flow for mobile and desktop apps.

2018 Q3

  • Launch of the App Mining program to pay app development teams.
  • Improvement of authentication & on-boarding for Blockstack apps.
  • Security reviews of Stacks blockchain and release of Stacks wallet.
  • Decentralizing the World Tour announced with 31 global meetups.
  • Launch of developer documentation portal:

2018 Q4

  • Launch of the Stacks Blockchain genesis block.
  • Release of the updated blockchain paper and start Rust implementation.
  • Ability for Stacks voucher holders to redeem vouchers for Stacks.*
  • Ability to use Stacks across our SDKs and Blockstack Browser.
  • Launch of Gaia as independent project with improved developer resources.
  • Addition of social and cross-app data sharing functionality to Gaia.


  • Launch of web extensions as an additional form factor for the Blockstack app/browser.
  • Launch of iOS and Android apps for Blockstack authentication.
  • Initiation of mining on the stacks blockchain and a hardfork to a new consensus algorithm.
  • Start first community-powered election for App Reviewers.
  • Initiation of the distribution of tokens to all new verified users of Blockstack.*
  • Ability to create app-specific economies through app coins.

*Pending legal approval

Last updated: September 18, 2018