Universal Wallet Bounty Recap

Mon Jul 09 2018
Xan Ditkoff

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Universal Wallet Bounty Recap

Head on over to App.co to try the Universal Wallet App Finalists

Blockstack, in partnership with ShapeShift, put out a $50,000 challenge to developers around the world to create a Universal Wallet where users hold or add their favorite cryptocurrency and exchange into any token they want, all from within a wallet they privately own.

The requirements were to use ShapeShift’s API, Blockstack Auth, and Gaia Storage System. ShapeShift’s API allows instant exchange in and out of most cryptocurrencies. Blockstack Auth is a user-owned identity system that allows single sign-on across decentralized apps without any third parties involved. Gaia is Blockstack’s data storage system which provides users with a high speed encrypted private cloud where they have total ownership of their data, and complete control over how and when it is shared, again with no trusted third parties.

We gave teams two months to build and were impressed with the results.

The finalists are all open source, and are listed in the wallet category on App.co. Note that they are all in alpha and were created in a short period of time, so you may experience a hiccup or two.

Hope you enjoy!

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