Our new developer-first Blockstack.org

Fri Jul 27 2018
Jeff Domke

Blog / Our new developer-first Blockstack.org

Our new developer-first Blockstack.org

Blockstack’s ecosystem has grown to thousands of enthusiastic developers contributing to the project and building decentralized apps like Stealthy and Graphite. We’ve worked closely with our developer community on the next iteration of Blockstack.org. The previous site was focused on a broader audience and we’re pleased to aim this new version at a technical audience. We want to enable developers to build high-quality decentralized apps and learn about our tools for decentralized auth and decentralized storage.

Blockstack is a developer-centric community and platform; we believe the new website better represents the mission of the project. Our website is available at blockstack.org, and Blockstack Public Benefit Corp maintains it. Whether you’re a novice coder or veteran engineer, building with Blockstack should feel more accessible to you.

Our new developer-first Blockstack.org

Here are a few upgrades to the site:

  • Easy to find tutorials for how to get started
  • Short feature comparison between Firebase and Blockstack
  • Links to various technical details and components of the Blockstack network
  • Information for developers to get funding
  • Featured apps built on Blockstack

We’re gearing up for an exciting phase in the growth of the Blockstack ecosystem while being extremely careful about compliance and regulations. We believe that the upcoming Stacks token and blockchain can catalyze a new dapp economy, allowing developers to potentially earn rewards for the value they add to the ecosystem. Today, though, we’re proud that our website better reflects the needs of Blockstack’s most important resource: our developer community.

Visit the new blockstack.org.

You also can find all kinds of decentralized apps across the ecosystem on our consumer-facing app store, App.co.