Announcing the Hello Blockstack Tutorial

Tue Apr 11 2017
Ryan Shea

Blog / Announcing the Hello Blockstack Tutorial

Announcing the Hello Blockstack Tutorial

Today, we are announcing a Hello World tutorial for new app developers building on the decentralized internet with Blockstack. We call it Hello Blockstack and by following the basic step-by-step instructions (in text or video form), you'll be able to autogenerate a simple serverless blockstack application that demos the sign in process with Blockstack.

What does it do?

The Hello Blockstack tutorial will show you how to build a single-page application that is completely client side, completely decentralized, and completely serverless. We'll show you how you can build with Blockstack in under 30 lines of javascript code and other supporting files like the Blockstack.js library. Your app will use the Blockstack identity system, where users are completely in control of their identity. So it is completely free of third parties. As a user of your own app, you’ll be able to demo sign in and sign out with Blockstack. And in future tutorials we'll show how you can work with user data, like photos, notes, videos and more.

How can I try this out?

The Hello Blockstack tutorial shows just how simple it is to build decentralized, serverless applications that use user-owned identity and authentication. If you want to follow along, visit the tutorial post and watch the video below. Excited to see you building on Blockstack!

Step-by-Step Tutorial