Encrypted Token Portfolio Bounty Recap

Wed Dec 20 2017
Patrick Stanley

Blog / Encrypted Token Portfolio Bounty Recap

Encrypted Token Portfolio Bounty Recap

We put out a challenge to the Blockstack Community to create an Encrypted Token Portfolio app on Blockstack to give users ultimate privacy and control when tracking their token holdings.

We requested that participating developers to allow you the user to (1) single sign-in with an identity you own (no need for third parties like Google or Facebook), and (2) gives you the privacy to manage your token holdings on your own encrypted cloud storage provider (visible only to you).

Apps like the ones described above are what we call single-player decentralized apps, in that the data lives with you and can only be accessed by you.

The logical next step for our community is to build multi-player decentralized apps, where each user can own and control access to their own data, but also share it with your friends without the need for a third party. That next bounty has been announced here.

All completed Token Portfolio Management apps are in public alpha and are listed in alphabetical order below. Note that they are all in alpha and were created in a short period of time, so you may expect a hiccup or two. Download Blockstack at blockstack.org/install to use them.

#### BlockPortfolio - [blockportfol.io](http://www.blockportfol.io/)

BlockPortfolio is a portfolio management app for holders of cryptocurrencies. It tracks overall holdings over time, broken out by asset and fiat. It's meant to provide a meaningful snapshot of your current holdings, as well as basic historical trading performance.

Encrypted Token Portfolio Bounty Recap

Video: https://www.youtube.com/embed/Eb5AvDeu5d4

#### Coinbrella - [coinbrella.com](http://www.coinbrella.com/)

A crypto asset manager that allows people to track their crypto currency and assets on the blockchain, view and perform transactions, create their own investment funds and track their profitability - including fiat for comparison.

Encrypted Token Portfolio Bounty Recap

#### Coindex - [coindexapp.herokuapp.com](https://coindexapp.herokuapp.com/)

Coindex is a decentralized cryptocurrency portfolio manager where users can safely input their coin holdings without a breach in privacy by any third party, including Coindex, since it is built on Blockstack. The user’s data is stored via the Gaia decentralized storage system. Coindex offers all of the standard features in a portfolio manager, such as coin prices, order book data, historic graphs, and currency conversions. A unique feature we implemented was the ability to track actual wallets for Bitcoin and Ethereum, and import those holdings into the user’s portfolio in 2 clicks.

Encrypted Token Portfolio Bounty Recap

Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1T9rqWgbjpQHGNfj9Pw8bNI3Hk_a2Qfyu/edit

#### Coinfort - [coinfort.io](http://www.coinfort.io/)

Coinfort lets you easily manage all your crypto investments in a single intuitive dashboard. All your data is fully encrypted and only visible to you using Blockstack Gaia storage.

Encrypted Token Portfolio Bounty Recap

Video: https://www.useloom.com/embed/8ae2a2ffacd04fa2a5218b9fb08b26c9

#### Coinkitty - [coinkitty.co](http://coinkitty.co/)

CoinKitty is your mobile friendly, secure, decentralized, blockchain portfolio manager.

Encrypted Token Portfolio Bounty Recap

Video: https://www.useloom.com/share/ef58c3a861dc4c61be4982274d1c342c

Coinocle - coinocle.com

Coinocle is a decentralized crypto-portfolio tracking tool. Track all your varying cryptocurrency holdings in one place. Visualize your positions. Make decisions. All while being the sole owner of your own data.

Encrypted Token Portfolio Bounty Recap

Video: https://www.useloom.com/share/7102e9a047fb4a28aff79ade4d40a124

Coinremix Portfolio - coinremix.com

Coinremix offers an accountant friendly portfolio dapp to track all your holdings without giving away your data.

Encrypted Token Portfolio Bounty Recap

Video: https://www.useloom.com/share/4d7ce317b5e740ba9d7ce757fc3bfbd8

Coins - coinsapp.co

Coins is built with a "holding first" philosophy because your investments shouldn't only be analyzed within the context of a single portfolio or a single cryptocurrency. You should be able to organize your investments how you like, and cross-examine their performances in a variety of ways. What you see with our beta launch is just the beginning: in the future, we will allow you to add labels, exchange data, wallet IDs, and more, and query for performance based on any of those metrics.

Encrypted Token Portfolio Bounty Recap

Video: https://www.useloom.com/embed/f631bb28bdf34f77bd131a958c7adf94

Coinstack - coinstack.one

CoinStack aims to be the most advanced, yet easy to use cryptocurrency portfolio management app. It offers multiple portfolio's, and thorough charts and KPI's to assist in risk management and making smarter decisions.

Encrypted Token Portfolio Bounty Recap

Video: https://www.useloom.com/embed/624220c213f448ae97d09f64a2003148

Cryptagon - app.cryptagon.io

Cryptagon is a crypto asset management tool that gives you absolute clarity on your portfolio performance and past trades. With a multitude of exchanges and cryptocurrencies, it can be difficult to understand your portfolio performance. Have you invested in the right currencies? Are there other currencies you should be tracking and investing in? What’s the real story behind your historical performance? These are the important questions that Cryptagon answers.”

Encrypted Token Portfolio Bounty Recap

Video: https://www.useloom.com/share/368a39cf228f4726a9fc709e89ae25b9

#### Faa.st - [faa.st/portfolio](https://faa.st/portfolio)

Faa.st is a cryptocurrency portfolio manager, where the users are always in control of their funds. Instantly trade over 80 assets, all secured by Blockstack. Think of faast as a mix of a wallet, an exchange, and a Bloomberg Terminal. Faast uses Blockstack’s application key to generate a unique digital currency wallet for each customer. Using this application key, crypto currency wallets are generated, such as an Ethereum wallet. Every time you log in with Blockstack, your secure wallet is re-loaded. Faast never has access to your funds. For security, the customer needs to download this application key once as backup.

Encrypted Token Portfolio Bounty Recap

Video: https://www.youtube.com/embed/uPPBF0774zM

#### Lio - [lioapp.io](http://lioapp.io/)

Lio is a simple, decentralized cryptocurrency portfolio. With support for over 100 different coins, Lio allows you to track your portfolio's performance over time. All with the security and convenience of Blockstack.

Encrypted Token Portfolio Bounty Recap

Video: https://www.useloom.com/share/2f671e4dcaca4550b623c514493653c9

Peachy Portfolio - peachyportfolio.com

Peachy Portfolio is a simple cryptocurrency portfolio application built with React on top of Blockstack where you can add transactions and watch how they have affected your portfolio over time. You can also check market data for all available cryptocurrencies in the application.

Encrypted Token Portfolio Bounty Recap

Video: https://www.useloom.com/share/d46f2297ace14f989c9e6ac1f8e9a293

Proem - proem.io

Proem is a graphic facilitator for cryptocurrencies. We make managing tokens easy and accessible by bringing together market visualizations for a seamless portfolio experience. At out core, we strive to make sure our users are informed and feel confident about their investment positions.

Encrypted Token Portfolio Bounty Recap