Blockstack Enables Multiplayer Storage for Decentralized Apps

Thu Jan 25 2018
Ken Liao

Blog / Blockstack Enables Multiplayer Storage for Decentralized Apps

Blockstack Enables Multiplayer Storage for Decentralized Apps

Blockstack provides the infrastructure and tools to build out the next-generation internet, what many call Web 3.0, and the decentralized apps that thrive on it. This process happens slowly and then suddenly as building blocks are put in place, unlocking new capabilities which expand the ecosystem at an ever accelerating pace.

First, we launched Blockstack Auth, which provided you with a single-sign on you could use with apps to privately access them without any 3rd parties involved. This put identity back in the hands of users.

Next, we enabled Single-Player Storage, which gave you the ability to store all of your app data privately. This is useful for data that should only be accessed by you, like managing your own private token portfolio app.

The logical next step for our community is to enable Multi-Player Storage for decentralized apps, where you, the user, can not only own and control access to your own data, but also share it with your friends without the need for a third party.

Imagine a world where your data and communications live with you and only get shared with your friends when you allow, making your online experience feel more like how things operate in the real world. Where developers can rapidly innovate on the apps without the permission of a third-party, fluidly and continually upgrading your experience of the decentralized internet beyond what we’ve ever experienced.

We believe the next internet is going to evolve faster, be less cumbersome, feel more magical, and be safer than the old internet we know today. With the developer alpha launch of multi-player storage this day is now approaching.

To help you get started with multi-player storage, we’ve prepared a tutorial where you'll build a fully decentralized and serverless micro-blogging app.


Once you've completed the tutorial, you can get started working on needed apps that can use multi-reader storage like those listed in the Blockstack Bounty to Decentralize Communication with prizes totaling $50,000.

We look forward to seeing the next generation of decentralized apps!