Introducing the Blockstack Community Rewards Program

Wed Apr 18 2018
Patrick Stanley

Blog / Introducing the Blockstack Community Rewards Program

Introducing the Blockstack Community Rewards Program

At Blockstack PBC, we understand that the decentralized internet will not be propelled forward by one entity, but by thousands of dedicated developers, educators, and evangelists. Close to 20,000 people around the world have contributed to the Blockstack ecosystem in some meaningful way, and it’s still the early days. These contributors include investors who participated in our token sale, evangelists who encourage app usage around the world, and developers building some of the first usable decentralized apps.

We already have tens of thousands of people contributing because they believe in the concept of user-owned data and the vision of a peer-to-peer world. Imagine the progress we can make with a more formalized incentive mechanism.

That’s why today, we’re excited to reward these contributors by launching the Blockstack Community Rewards Program — a more concrete way to reward community members for the value they bring to the ecosystem.

Anyone who completes a task posted by the community — technical or non-technical — will be rewarded with tokens. Each task will be denominated in Stacks, the native token to the Blockstack network, and redeemable subject to applicable law.

As we grow, these Stacks tokens will be used to perform various operations on the Blockstack network, whether you’re a user wanting to pay a premium subscription for a social network, or a developer registering an application. You can read more about Stacks in the token whitepaper.

Some sample tasks that will be essential to our ecosystem maintenance and education include:

  • Create a tutorial that showcases blockstack.js developer tools
  • Message the creators of a decentralized app with your feedback on features you’d like to see, or glitches you noticed
  • Feature a member of the Blockstack ecosystem at an event or conference

Introducing the Blockstack Community Rewards Program

This program will turn community contributors into true stakeholders. We know that bounties for app development are critical to our growth. Just as critical is the participation of the broader community to support infrastructure maintenance and education of the market.

We’re confident that this program will help user experiences of decentralized apps rival that of experiences we’re familiar with today. But this time, the applications won’t have unilateral say over your online experiences. You will.

We invite you to get started by going to today.

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