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Introducing the Advisory Board for the Blockstack Token Fund

Today, we are happy to introduce the advisory board for the Blockstack Token Fund. These members have expertise across distributed systems, blockchains, early stage investing, and digital privacy.

Fri Oct 26 2018
Muneeb Ali

Request for Social Networks: Funding Afari

We are thrilled to announce the first recipient of funding from the Request for Social Networks initiative. Afari is a decentralized social media platform that gives people control of their privacy and data.

Tue Oct 23 2018
Xan Ditkoff

The Launch of the Stacks Genesis Block

We are excited to announce details for the hard fork that will introduce the genesis block of the Stacks blockchain. This launch marks an exciting new era for the Blockstack ecosystem.

Mon Oct 22 2018
Jude Nelson

App Mining: Fueling the Development of Decentralized Apps

We are thrilled to introduce App Mining, an early-stage program that will directly fuel developers building apps people want on Blockstack. The better your app, the more you earn.

Thu Oct 18 2018
Patrick Stanley

A Path to Decentralization

Blockstack shouldn't be a platform backed by a single company, but a decentralized ecosystem; this is a new type of enterprise with no blueprint.

Thu Oct 11 2018
Ryan & Muneeb

Decentralizing the World Tour: Tackling The Most Important Topics In Decentralization and More

Come meet the Blockstack core team, thought leaders in the crypto world, and connect with supporters of decentralization near you.

Tue Aug 21 2018
Mitchell Cuevas

Our new developer-first

We’ve worked closely with our developer community on the next iteration of We’re pleased to aim this new version at a technical audience.

Fri Jul 27 2018
Jeff Domke

Universal Wallet Bounty Recap

Head on over to to try the Universal Wallet App Finalists Blockstack, in partnership with ShapeShift, put out a $50,000 challenge to developers around the world to create a Universal Wallet where users hold or add their favorite cryptocurrency and exchange into any token they want, all

Mon Jul 09 2018
Xan Ditkoff

Announcing The Universal Dapp Store

Starting with over 150 apps, The Dapp Store is a discovery tool housing usable dapps built on Blockstack, Ethereum, and others for gaming, social networking, productivity, financial services, and more.

Wed May 16 2018
Muneeb & Ryan

A $1 Million Request for Social Networks

Blockstack Public Benefit Corporation is taking a stand and committing $1,000,000 to support social network dapps that rewrite the fundamental basis of how we connect.

Thu May 10 2018
Muneeb & Ryan

Blockstack + ShapeShift: $50,000 for a Universal Wallet

In the Fall, we launched Blockstack Signature Bounties to incentivize developers around the world to build decentralized applications, based on the needs and desires of the Blockstack community. For the next Signature Bounty we wanted to expand our scope to speak to the needs of any and every cryptocurrency community.

Wed Apr 25 2018
Xan Ditkoff

Introducing the Blockstack Community Rewards Program

At Blockstack PBC, we understand that the decentralized internet will not be propelled forward by one entity, but by thousands of community contributors.

Wed Apr 18 2018
Patrick Stanley

What true data ownership looks like

In today’s digital universe, it’s nearly impossible for us to exist online without giving our data to Facebook. Beyond having a treasure trove of our photos, private messages, friendships, and personal interests, Facebook has become the default way to login to our other online services, from dating apps

Mon Apr 09 2018
Ariella Steinhorn

Blockstack Berlin Videos Now Live!

The world’s pioneering technologists descended upon Axica Convention Center in Berlin as Blockstack played host to a weekend of expert talks and dapp demos.

Thu Mar 22 2018
Patrick Stanley

Blockstack Enables Multiplayer Storage for Decentralized Apps

Blockstack provides the infrastructure and tools to build out the next-generation internet, what many would call Web 3.0, and the dapps that thrive on it.

Thu Jan 25 2018
Ken Liao

$50,000 Signature Bounty to Decentralize Communication

This new Signature Bounty consists of $50,000 in prizes to further decentralize and secure communication for teams and individuals around the world.

Wed Dec 20 2017
Patrick Stanley

Encrypted Token Portfolio Bounty Recap

We put out a challenge to the Blockstack Community to create an Encrypted Token Portfolio app on Blockstack. These apps are now available in public alpha!

Wed Dec 20 2017
Patrick Stanley

Blockstack’s $50M Token Sale

We’re thrilled to announce that the Blockstack token sale for accredited investors has come to an end, with a total of $50M closed and allocated. Over 800 individuals and funds participated, including Union Square Ventures, Foundation Capital, Lux Capital, Winklevoss Capital, Blockchain Capital, Digital Currency Group, Kevin Rose, Michael

Tue Dec 05 2017
Ryan & Muneeb

Token Sale: Registration Extension and Pricing Update

We announced the token sale registration a week ago and are humbled by the thousands who’ve completed registration and the thousands more still in the pipeline.

Fri Nov 10 2017
Muneeb & Ryan

Blockstack Berlin: A Signature Fund Event

The Blockstack Signature Fund is excited to announce Signature Berlin - the first in a series of worldwide events and demo days around Blockstack.

Mon Nov 06 2017
Patrick Stanley

Blockstack Token Sale Registration

Today, we’re excited to unveil the registration process for the Blockstack Token Sale.

Wed Nov 01 2017
Ryan & Muneeb

The Public Alpha of the Blockstack Browser

We are proud to open announce our first public alpha release of the Blockstack Browser, which can now be found at

Tue Oct 31 2017
Larry Salibra

Blockstack Token Sale

We’re announcing the full details and timeline of the Blockstack token sale. We’re introducing a legal framework for token distribution that is inclusive while remaining compliant with regulations

Thu Oct 26 2017
Muneeb & Ryan

Announcing the Blockstack Token Whitepaper

Today we’re excited to release the Blockstack Token Whitepaper — a deep dive into the Blockstack Token, including how it works and the impact it will have on growing the Blockstack ecosystem.

Thu Oct 12 2017
Ryan & Muneeb

Blockstack Core’s Successful Hard Fork to v0.17

We’re pleased to announce the successful execution of the 3rd annual hard fork of Blockstack Core to v0.17. This adds monetization for namespace creators, name expiration grace period & other things

Fri Oct 06 2017
Jude Nelson

Signature Bounties for Decentralized Apps on the New Internet

The Blockstack Signature Fund is announcing the first of a series of global bounties to build decentralized apps on the new internet.

Mon Sep 25 2017
Patrick Stanley

Announcing the Blockstack Public Benefit Corp

Blockstack Inc is no more. We’re a Public Benefit Corp now. Public Benefit Corps are for-profit companies obligated to uphold certain commitments for the public good & not just stockholder interests

Wed Sep 20 2017
Muneeb & Ryan

The Signature Fund for App Development on Blockstack

The Signature Fund for Blockstack is a $25M fund aimed at growing an ecosystem of decentralized applications on Blockstack. Check out

Wed Aug 16 2017
Patrick Stanley

Blockstack Summit Videos Are Now Live!

On July 27th at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View CA, we took it back to the original dream of the internet back in 1989 -- one of a shared space where we could be free to create together. Attendees and speakers from all over the world came together

Fri Aug 11 2017
Patrick Stanley

Announcing the Blockstack Token and Mining System

We intend for Blockstack to have a truly decentralized future, and we believe this means that no single entity, including the founding organization with original developers, must not drive the system.

Thu Jul 27 2017
Muneeb & Ryan

Blockstack and the Power of Choice

The call to “decentralize all the things!” is energizing a large community of developers. The challenge with this movement is that decentralized systems are hard to build.

Mon Jul 24 2017
Mike Freedman

Announcing the Blockstack Summit 2017

To those of you who want to have a place in the new internet, and even those who are just curious or even skeptical: we invite you to the 2017 Blockstack Summit, the 2nd annual one-day event.

Fri Jun 16 2017
Muneeb Ali

Introducing the Blockstack Browser: A Gateway to a New, Decentralized Internet

The internet is broken. It has been for a while. Today we are proud to announce the Blockstack browser, which allows developers everywhere to access a whole new internet.

Tue May 23 2017
Ryan & Muneeb

Blockstack Whitepaper: A New Decentralized Internet

We’ve been refining the design of our blockchain, peer network, and storage over the last years and today, we’re excited to announce the details of these systems in a Blockstack whitepaper.

Fri May 12 2017
Muneeb Ali

Announcing the Hello Blockstack Tutorial

Today, we are announcing a Hello World tutorial for new app developers building on the decentralized internet with Blockstack. We call it Hello Blockstack and by following the basic step-by-step instructions (in text or video form), you'll be able to autogenerate a simple serverless blockstack application that demos the sign

Tue Apr 11 2017
Ryan Shea

Serverless Sign In with Blockstack Auth

We are pleased to announce the developer release of Blockstack Auth - an authentication system that will allow users to sign in to websites without relying on any third parties or remote servers.

Fri Mar 24 2017
Ryan Shea

Fastsync is now available on AWS Marketplace

We're releasing a fastsync method where new nodes can bootup within minutes instead of days. Also, Blockstack Core is now available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace.

Thu Mar 09 2017
Muneeb Ali

Announcing Blockstack Explorer

Announcing the launch of Blockstack Explorer, a tool for looking up info on Blockstack domain names and their associated addresses & transaction histories.

Tue Feb 21 2017
Larry Salibra

Funding the New Decentralized Internet

The internet is broken—hacking, tracking, passwords, and middlemen are all a threat to our freedom and safety on the internet. Now more than ever, it’s clear we need a new internet—one that gives the power back to the users and puts security and freedom at the forefront

Thu Jan 05 2017
Muneeb & Ryan

Blockstack Core is available on the Azure Marketplace

We're pleased to announce that users can now seamlessly deploy Blockstack Core nodes on Microsoft Azure. Blockstack Core nodes provide the core functionality of Blockstack. These nodes process data from the blockchain and construct a global view of security and ownership mappings. Users don't need to trust any other service

Wed Dec 21 2016
Muneeb Ali

Blockstack Auth Developer Preview

We're excited to show you a preview of a new library called Blockstack Auth, which enables applications to easily build on top of Blockstack and interact with Blockstack Identity and Blockstack Storage. The javascript library is available for installation on npm and can be installed as a node package, and

Mon Dec 19 2016
Ryan Shea

Blockstack Core v0.14 Release

This is the largest release of Blockstack Core since the initial release in September 2015 and is a major update. Version 0.14 is a hard fork that will activate at Bitcoin block 436363. This release removes our dependence on a distributed hash table (DHT) network, improves performance, reduces memory

Thu Oct 06 2016
Jude Nelson

Building new state machines with Virtualchain

We are pleased to announce that our work on the open-source Virtualchain library has been published at the first workshop on Distributed Cryptocurrencies and Consensus Ledgers (DCCL'16). Virtualchain is a protocol for building new services and apps on top of existing blockchains. We've released Virtualchain v0.14 with the paper

Mon Jul 25 2016
Jude Nelson

Blockstack research paper published at USENIX ATC’16 conference

A technical research paper describing the design and implementation of Blockstack’s global naming and storage system was published at the USENIX Annual Technical Conference (ATC) 2016. USENIX ATC is a top-tier publication venue in computer systems and has been attracting some of the leading experts and researchers since 1992.

Wed Jun 22 2016
Muneeb Ali

Why Blockstack is migrating to the Bitcoin blockchain

Since earlier this year, we have been planning to migrate Blockstack's underlying blockchain from Namecoin to Bitcoin. This process started with the experimental release of Blockstack Core.

Tue Sep 15 2015
Muneeb Ali